We are a group of Christians living together, active in our local area. We would love more people to join our community.

Being part of a Lee Abbey Small Missional Community is a dynamic mission opportunity — a chance to live and work in an area of a city to demonstrate the presence of God by the way we live and worship together and the way we engage with those around us. It isn’t a retreat, gap year or place to recuperate from trauma or illness. Community members need to have the right to live and work in the UK, and a sense that God is calling them to this way of life for at least a couple of years.

Top ten reasons to join

Two past community members shared their top five benefits of being a Lee Abbey SMC member, so here’s the combined top ten:

  1. It’s delightful to share your life with other people, being around for those memorable non-scheduled times of life
  2. Recognising you don’t have to do everything by yourself
  3. Being a place of hospitality: giving and receiving creates a rich environment and plenty of good discussions and food
  4. We touch base every day through prayer
  5. Hearing about and sharing what God is doing in the lives of those we live with.
  6. Daily prayer
  7. Deep companionship
  8. Shared skills and knowledge
  9. Shared mission
  10. Shared perspectives

We are seeking:

  • committed Christians who are called by God to live in community (including eating and praying together, supporting and serving one another).
  • people to come and join the existing community members.
  • people called by God to minister and share the love of God with the people of Aston or Knowle West
  • people who are passionate about using their gifts to serve God in Aston or Knowle West with the local church and community groups.
  • people who are able to contribute to the financial upkeep of the community, through employment or other means.
  • people who will worship with and support/resource the local churches.

You’ll be supported by the Lee Abbey Movement

A local support group that meets four times a year with the community, and is available between those times for support, prayer and a listening ear.

The Lee Abbey Movement prays regularly for the Small Missional Communities, and there are regular retreats with the other Lee Abbey communities for renewal and training.