Our Vision


Based in a historic house of prayer (former Sisters of Charity Convent), our ministry is based in prayer with a daily focus on praying for our estate, and the wider City of Bristol. We also have regular times of communion, expressing our Unity in Christ and our desire to live in communion with God through Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit.


Lee Abbey SMC has been present here since 1992, and now inhabits a house which has been here as long as the estate itself (1937). We want to be a sign of the unchanging love and faithfulness of God throughout changing times, a ‘non anxious presence’ in moments of societal anxiety.


We seek to be partners with:

  • God, in bringing God’s Kingdom to earth in Knowle West;
  • The Church, in all its forms both on the estate and wider in the City of Bristol;
  • People of peace, in bringing blessings into the lives of the people of Knowle West.

(Non-anxious presence – An idea of Edwin Friedman (Rabbi and Family Therapist)

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