Vision and values

The Lee Abbey Movement’s vision is ‘communicating Christ through relationships’. We are committed to following Jesus and to be changed in the process. Prayer is the centre of our life as community.

Shared purpose


  • live and serve in deprived urban communities
  • seek to make Christ known in these communities
  • are concerned with both physical and spiritual needs
  • are seeking to develop more small communities across the UK

Rule of Life

In response to Jesus Christ’s love we seek to…

  • worship him and seek his will
    through regular prayer, Biblical reflection and joining with others for fellowship and communion
  • deepen our personal commitment
    recognising that our minds, time, talents, possessions and relationships, as gifts from God, are to be increasingly surrendered to Him
  • share his saving love
    through our attitudes, lives and relationships
  • live in openness and honesty
    being open to be known for who we are, accepting one another in love and saying nothing of others that could not be said to them personally if love and wisdom required it
  • help build community
    where we live, work and worship
  • respect and serve all others
    welcoming the stranger, being a voice for the voiceless and working to alleviate poverty and injustice
  • cherish and protect God’s creation
    which God the Father loves and entrusts to our care

… trusting in the help of the Holy Spirit

The hallmarks of Lee Abbey small missional communities

We have developed these hallmarks to cover the main issues which need to be addressed to have a functioning small missional community.

What makes us a community?

  • Commitment to life together – praying, discipleship, eating, care of home and garden, supporting and respecting each other
  • Participation in the Lee Abbey Rule of Life
  • Under one roof, though may have associates

What is our outward focus?

  • Lives marked by the desire to bless and honour all in community and neighbourhood
  • Working with churches
  • Clear missional focus involving all
  • Essentially in urban situations

How are we organised? (internal focus)

  • Locally supported in prayer and accountability
  • Members should have part time paid work (ideally no more than three days)
  • Financially sustainable
  • Identified leader (enabling not authoritarian)