In 1985, the Church of England published a report called “Faith in the City” with ‘recommendations to the Church about its place and responsibilities in urban priority areas’. As a response to the report, the Lee Abbey Movement offered its gift of building community to create small Household Communities at the invitation of local churches.

The Household Community in Aston, Birmingham was planted in 1989, followed in 1992 by one in Knowle West, Bristol. Over the years other Households have been planted in other places and have served their local areas for a season. 2020 sees a new community planted in Ford, Plymouth, in conjunction with the Diocese of Exeter.

Many people have served as Community members seeking together to be salt and light in the places God has called Lee Abbey to serve.

Doing what it says on the tin

Under the title ‘Small Missional Communities’ we simply seek to do ‘what it says on the tin’.  We are small, a few called to learn and live at the grassroots, being local and humble, contextual and catalytic. Like a seed of the Kingdom of God packed full of potential, we want to be a spark for change, a unit of love ready to multiply hope. We are missional, moving into the neighbourhood and getting involved with what God is already doing. It is front-line, seeing the first fruit of transformation as people discover new life through fleshed out faith.

We are Communities who are intentional about being and making disciples through the costly adventure of shared living, providing generous space for people to be and to do. 

We hold to being Communities of HOPE – Hospitality Openness, Prayer and Engagement.